The Free 5th Book Ceremony

It’s been less than a month since we launched Bibliopolis U, and Gracepoint Berkeley church has caught Reading Fever! While Jennifer and Matt were the first college students to receive their free 5th book, our post-grads have joined the reading revolution, and we have given away 11 free books already.

When you’ve finished reading your 4th book, you just find me at DL or HB and we have our free 5th book ceremony. That entails chit-chatting a little about the books you read while you choose your free 5th book, and you pose for a photo that will be on our Wall of Fame (coming soon). And just because it makes things a bit more fun, everyone gets a 1st award in one or more categories. You’ll note some of the categories are pretty…specialized. 🙂

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You may have noticed that there are some demographics noticeably absent in the wall of fame thus far — special call for all the post-grad brothers, IGSM, and a2f Berkeley readers out there to represent!

Which book are you going to choose for your free 5th book?

4 thoughts on “The Free 5th Book Ceremony

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