Launch of Bibliopolis U!

BU-logoI am super excited to announce the launch of Bibliopolis U at Gracepoint Berkeley church! We’re starting a reading revolution, from the youngest all the way on up. To jump start everyone’s reading, we’ve released a Recommended Reading List 1.0. It’s a starter list, and we will be adding to it as we go along, but I think the 85 books should keep everyone pretty busy for a while.

To kick everything off with vim and vigor, we had a book fair in the gym after worship service. There was so much excitement it looked rather like a crowded subway station. But we sold over 320 books in less than an hour! We’re expecting a whole lot more books for this coming Sunday, and we’ll be relocating to a more spacious venue.

happy customers with books

These happy customers were willing to be photographed. Look behind them at the crowd…that was *after* a bunch of people cleared out.

veteran readers

A couple of veteran readers perusing the BU Recommended List. Joe: “I’ve read all the books on this list.” Annie: “Wow, you’re awesome!”

As an extra incentive, everyone received a bookmark with our great logo, and our key verse. And on the other side, the clincher: Read 4 books from the list, and receive your 5th book for free! Wowza!
bibliopolis U

Were you at the Book Fair? What books are you excited to read, or have already started?

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