The Good Life and The Good Book

At Gracepoint Berkeley church, Bibliopolis U has started a reading revolution indeed. A lot of our Praxis brothers and sisters came to the book fair this past Sunday, and more than a couple of people remarked, “These remind me of Scholastic Book Fairs from elementary school!” Everyone is super motivated to win their free book, many even kept asking, “Are you sure? This is too good to be true! Do I have to write a book report?”

Some asked me how I was able to get all of these books for such good prices. Unfortunately, I don’t know of a secret place to buy brand new books on the cheap. Church is actually subsidizing the cost of the books because we’re that excited to encourage you all to read — isn’t that awesome?

For some exciting news, we had our first two college students who read 4 books redeem their bookmarks for their free 5th book. Jennifer and Matt are both seniors in Berkeley Koinonia (represent!).

free book - the good life

Jennifer chose The Good Life by Charles Colson for her free book! Is it just me, or does Frances looks even happier than Jennifer? 🙂 

matt choses the bible - the best book!

Matt chose the Good Book, which is, after all, the best book!

Were you at the book fair this past Sunday? What have you started to read? 

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