The Last Archer (Part 2 of 4)

My apologies for the delay on getting the read aloud for the next chapters of The Last Archer up and running. We left on such a cliffhanger too! Here is the link to The Last Archer: Chapters 5-8

I’ll be getting the next parts recorded soon, so be sure to just check the Virtual Bibliopolis category to find all the posts with links to our read alouds!

Hope you all are hanging in there, enjoying your homeschooling, and also enjoying the spring weather outside.


The Last Archer: A Green Ember Story

last archer.jpg

Hello, everyone! I’m excited to announce our next read aloud will be The Last Archer: A Green Ember Story. It is a “companion novel” to the Green Ember series. Companion novels take place before or after the main story, or off to the side of the main story. So for The Last Archer, it is set in the same world as the Green Ember novels, but it focuses on the period before the main story of The Green Ember, and on a different set of characters. Our main character here is Jo Shanks. I’m happy to report there are four of these Green Ember stories, which we’ll be able to read together!

You’ll hear names of characters and places you recognize, and we’ll learn more of the back story of all that happened in Heather and Picket’s world. Click here to listen to Chapters 1-4. I’m already appreciating some of the life lessons I’m learning from Jo Shanks in the first chapters. Hope you enjoy!