The Conclusion to The Last Archer!

last archerIt’s time for the conclusion of The Last Archer! I liked the ending, especially the tie-in to the larger story we read about in The Green Ember. 

Again, for those of you need to catch-up, you can read the whole book here:

Stay tuned, because our next book is the sequel to this book, called The First FowlerSo glad we have another book with Jo Shanks!


The Last Archer (Part 2 of 4)

My apologies for the delay on getting the read aloud for the next chapters of The Last Archer up and running. We left on such a cliffhanger too! Here is the link to The Last Archer: Chapters 5-8

I’ll be getting the next parts recorded soon, so be sure to just check the Virtual Bibliopolis category to find all the posts with links to our read alouds!

Hope you all are hanging in there, enjoying your homeschooling, and also enjoying the spring weather outside.