Wingfeather Saga Read Aloud (by the author!)

After last week’s read aloud, I was thinking about what to read next. Lately people have been asking me about whether I’d heard of this series called The Wingfeather Saga, so I was going to read book #1 for you all. I had already done my first few chapters! But like many authors during this time of quarantine, Andrew Peterson (yes, that Andrew Peterson, the Christian singer-songwriter) is posting nightly story time videos you can check out here. So the author himself beat me to it!

I was also curious to know why the series was coming up in conversation more often these days, because this was a series that came out more than ten years ago. And here is what I discovered. The books have been re-released with a brand new cover, and there was a fair amount of publicity about the series.

Here are the original covers of the edition I’ve had ever since Bibliopolis opened five years ago. I have had very little success “selling” these books to people.

Perfectly respectable covers, but not very eye-catching, I guess. It’s a classic look that would only be compelling to more…mature (read: old) readers. Even my most avid readers have done the slow, drawn out, “Uuuuum…weeeeeell…” which is their equivalent of “No, thanks.”

And here are the 2020 covers for books 1 and 2:

More modern and epic fantasy series looking, wouldn’t you say? I don’t know if you realized books get little refreshers like this, but it is necessary to keep drawing in new generations of readers. Ironically enough, timeless classics remain so by modernizing their covers! We say “don’t judge a book by its cover,” but publishers and authors know the power of the cover.

All this to say, I do hope more readers will take up this series, as it is quite engrossing! As for my read aloud, stay tuned. 🙂

Have you read the series? What are your thoughts?





The exciting conclusion to Dragon Masters #15

Will Drake be able to get back to his time!?

I know that’s what our friends over at Gracepoint Chicago church in Evanston are wondering!

chicago read along

What am I talking about, you ask? That means you need to Read/Watch/Listen to the first two installments of Dragon Masters #15: Future of the Time Dragon before you go on.


Now you can go on to the last installment, Chapters 11-15. Remember to let me know in the comments what book you want to read together next. And send along some pictures if you want to share them as well!

Here’s one from a friend in Fairfax:

kara dragon

So fancy…has her own book too!

From a few friends from Davis:

Dragon Reading

I like the smile!


Dragon Masters #15 Continues…

It seems as though Chapters 1-4 were a hit. I saw some aunties and uncles getting into the story too. (Side note for the adults: Even though every single book follows the same formula, I find myself getting into it too!)
Here are some photos from some friends from Gracepoint Davis church:

noah jessie dragon masters

I broke down the chapters a little arbitrarily for my first video, so I hope that you’ll be happy to know that we go through a whole six chapters for today’s installment!
Here is the link to read Chapters 5-10 – enjoy!
Which book would you like me to read next? Put your request in the comments below.