What?! There’s a *NEW* Library at Gracepoint Church?

There’s pressure to make an awesome first post, but if I wait around for the perfect first post, there will never be a second one! So I will use this post to introduce myself and the purpose for this site. Because purpose is pretty important.*

I’m the new librarian at Gracepoint Berkeley church. I mostly work with the kiddos, and my elves and I have been working hard this summer to set up Bibliopolis, our new children & teen library.


This is not a paid advertisement for IKEA. I am actually trying to show you some of our youngsters in the reading zone!

It is indeed evolving into a mini-city of books, and adults are often looking in longingly! But fear not, I am committed to promoting the love of reading with all of the adults throughout our Gracepoint churches, too.

While I haven’t any official credentials in library sciences, I have been reading for longer than many of you have been alive! I have been addicted to reading ever since I stepped into my first (and still favorite) library – the Cerritos Public Library. When I was five, I actually imagined heaven was like this library — you can see the photos for yourself!

I worked in public education as an English and History teacher for fifteen years, teaching middle and high school students. And my very favorite aspect of teaching was finding “the book” that would transform a non-reader into a reader. It’s my firm belief that there is a reader in everyone, and that it’s never too late; you just haven’t found “the book” yet. And figuring out that puzzle is one of my joys!

This site is just getting underway, but some of what you can expect to find are:

  • book reviews, some written by me and some by patrons of Bibliopolis
  • suggested reading lists for children
  • news of the goings on at Bibliopolis (including reading challenges, winning entries of contests, and more!)
  • announcements of new book arrivals at Bibliopolis, as well as at our Gracepoint Berkeley Church Bookstore
  • Christian book reviews, recommendations, lists
  • inventory of resources available at our Gracepoint Berkeley Church Bookstore (including Chinese, Korean, and Spanish language books)
  • book-related guest posts (ooh!), which could be a book recommendation, review, Top 10 list

Who would YOU like to see a guest post from? Pastor Ed Kang? Kelly Kang? You?!

Also, if you have any other suggestions or recommendations, please let me know and I’ll try to incorporate them!

*That’s right! That was indeed an allusion** to Gracepoint Live 2015. If you haven’t checked out the hilarious Right and Wrong video trailers for GLive: 2015, you must! I personally like Episode #1 the best, but they’re all pretty funny.

**allusion: (n) an indirect or passing reference; usually an artistic or literary device in which there is a reference made to another piece of literature, history, etc.

10 thoughts on “What?! There’s a *NEW* Library at Gracepoint Church?

  1. So glad the new library has opened!! But ugh…….I think I have a book from the old library that I took off the shelf one day and haven’t returned in four years. (it is currently sitting pretty on my book shelf at home) so guilty….is it too late to return it? Thanks!


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