A Picture Book to Supplement Course 101?

To continue the picture book theme I started (see my post on Halfway Herbert), today I want to feature The Big Red Tractor and the Little Villageanother book by Francis Chan that was written in 2010 and I just discovered recently.


Holly, Lydia and I took turns reading this one together. Their smiles speak for themselves. 🙂 

I don’t want to give away too much, but let’s just say that Farmer Dave discovers a special book that changes everything for the people who live in the little village. It’s reminiscent of the illustration of the cars at the car convention from Course 101, the Christian Foundations course we developed at our Gracepoint Ministries churches.

If you want a preview before purchasing the book for yourself, you can see this animated video version.

Profile of the Lukewarm: Halfway Herbert

In my quest for good Christian books for kids and teens, I recently happened upon children’s books written by Francis Chan. Turns out Halfway Herbert has been around since 2010 (longer than some of the Bibliopolis kiddos have been alive), and a bunch of them have read it already.

Here’s a photo of Chloe (2nd grader) reading the book aloud to some of the 1st graders. They were cracking up at the story of Herbert, who does everything — including brushing his teeth, doing his homework, and telling the truth — halfway. But the girls quickly saw how this halfway disease was not good.


Throughout all of our Gracepoint Ministries churches, we have been going through Revelation as part of our DT (Devotion Times), and as I listened to the book, I couldn’t help but think of the recent DT on Revelation 3 and Jesus’ message to the lukewarm Laodecians. I was also reminded of the “Profile of the Lukewarm” chapter in Chan’s book Crazy Love. 

I thought the book was a great way to talk about what it looks like to follow God with your whole heart, and if you or your child haven’t read it yet, I recommend it for a family read aloud!


Launch of Bibliopolis U!

BU-logoI am super excited to announce the launch of Bibliopolis U at Gracepoint Berkeley church! We’re starting a reading revolution, from the youngest all the way on up. To jump start everyone’s reading, we’ve released a Recommended Reading List 1.0. It’s a starter list, and we will be adding to it as we go along, but I think the 85 books should keep everyone pretty busy for a while.

To kick everything off with vim and vigor, we had a book fair in the gym after worship service. There was so much excitement it looked rather like a crowded subway station. But we sold over 320 books in less than an hour! We’re expecting a whole lot more books for this coming Sunday, and we’ll be relocating to a more spacious venue.

happy customers with books

These happy customers were willing to be photographed. Look behind them at the crowd…that was *after* a bunch of people cleared out.

veteran readers

A couple of veteran readers perusing the BU Recommended List. Joe: “I’ve read all the books on this list.” Annie: “Wow, you’re awesome!”

As an extra incentive, everyone received a bookmark with our great logo, and our key verse. And on the other side, the clincher: Read 4 books from the list, and receive your 5th book for free! Wowza!
bibliopolis U

Were you at the Book Fair? What books are you excited to read, or have already started?