Introducing Bibliopolis: Minneapolis Branch!

Today I am pleased to present to you the never-before seen video of the making of Bibliopolis: Minneapolis Branch, featuring the library-building-and-decorating powerhouse, Rhee & Rhee. I am beyond proud to see our love of reading spreading far and wide, and super excited to have this sister branch (library plant?) at our Gracepoint Minneapolis church. The video speaks for itself, so without further delay…

The Making of…Bibliopolis: Minneapolis Branch! from hemilykim on Vimeo.

My favorite parts, in no particular order:

  • The photos of all our readers!
  • The hot chocolate station
  • Mr. Sketch’s cameo
  • The moving ice cream carton and bowls
  • Hanging chair (A wee bit envious over here at Gracepoint Berkeley church!)

What say you? Any encouraging words? Exclamations of glee? Any of you in our other Gracepoint churches inspired to start your own branch? Chime in and give a shout out to Bibliopolis: Minneapolis Branch! (Minneopolis, perhaps?)