2017 Bibliopolis Summer Reading Challenge!

I am excited to announce the 2017 Bibliopolis Summer Reading Challenge, which starts today, and ends September 1st. And yes, if you’re in the middle of a book right now, you may use it for the challenge.

Sorry to all the adults, this is a chapter book challenge for high school and younger only. I’m guessing the participants will be 2nd-12th graders, but if your K-1st grader wants to tackle it, they are welcome to, especially if you the parent want to read along with them.

How does it work? If you’re at Gracepoint Berkeley church, you can pick up a copy of the bingo board at Bibliopolis. If you’re at one of our church plants, or away for the summer, you can download your own copy of the 2017 Summer Reading Challenge bingo board here.

There are 25 squares (of course you can read MORE!). You can choose what bingo line you want to start reading. You’ll get one raffle ticket per book, and one bonus ticket for every bingo line. So you don’t necessarily have to make bingo lines for this challenge.

Read the rules carefully, though. You can only use a book once on the board! I suggest doing it in pencil, so that you can move books around later if you need to. 🙂

For each book you read, you’ll fill out a book review. Below is a picture of it, but again, you can download your own copy of the Book Review form here.

You’ll want to put this somewhere safe. I would strongly suggest using a folder or binder for your entire challenge, as you’ll need to keep all of your book review forms together as well!

The book review doesn’t take too long, but do notice at the bottom it says that you will be asked to redo your book review if you do a shoddy job.

I hope you have fun doing this challenge, and yes, I will do it too!

What’s the first book you’re going to read?




Bibliopolis U Summer Reading Challenge!

Over at Gracepoint Berkeley church, we have had over 110 people get free 5th books this past semester. And I know there are some of you who read but opted not to take a free book — that’s a lot of reading we’ve done together. In fact, my informal survey results of college and post-college folks are in, and we have read over 750 books! That is pretty awesome.

With summer upon us, and building on the reading momentum of this past semester, I’m setting my sights on a collective 1,000. What do you say?

To help us in this endeavor, I am pleased to unveil our Summer Reading Challenge. It’s a bingo-style board that gives you multi-disciplinary categories of books to read. In addition to this past semester’s Christian book reading challenge, you’ll notice some fiction and non-fiction included. You can find a link to an in-progress list of possible suggestions for those squares on the Bibliopolis U Recommended Reading List page.  Last but not least, there are some Bible squares for those of you who have Bible-reading goals for the summer!

For each bingo line you complete (up to 5), you can win a free book. Read the entire board and you’ll be in for a special prize.

Click on the game board to download one for yourself!

“But I didn’t even finish my four books yet!!” If this is you, you’ll notice that all is not lost — you can transfer up to 2 books from your in-progress 1st bookmark. This doesn’t apply to those of you who are on book 8 or 23!

You’ll notice there is a spot at the bottom to include your ministry group affiliation. There may or may not be a prize for the group that read the most books (per capita, to be fair).

You can always contact me directly if you have specific questions regarding any book you’re hoping to apply towards the challenge. Happy reading!

Are you up for the challenge? Which bingo line are you going to start with? Are you in the middle of a book right now that you can use on the board? 🙂