Reading Snapshot: Is This Our Bibliopolis?

Hello everyone! It’s been pushing three months since my last post, but I have returned to share some exciting goings on with regards to the reading revolution throughout Gracepoint Berkeley church as well as our church plants.

I’m going to ease back into posting with a heartwarming little story. Vanessa from acts2fellowship in Berkeley told me that one day, while her older daughter Gabby was sitting near her bookshelves, she asked, “Mommy, is this our Bibliopolis?” That was so awesome to hear, so here is a picture of the girls showing off their own reading space at home!

You can make your own Bibliopolis! You just need some…books.

I know many of you have made little reading spaces in your homes, so feel free to share those photos and any stories with me, and we can encourage one another to keep up the reading (especially with summer fast approaching)!

Reading Spaces, the Sequel

Three other aunties and I are off to our Gracepoint Minneapolis church to babysit spend quality time with all the kiddos whilst their parents are at their Thanksgiving Retreat. Maybe we’ll have an official ribbon-cutting ceremony for Bibliopolis’ Minneapolis Branch! So I’ve scheduled some “aww”-inducing Reading Snapshots posts to tide you over for the weekend. I’m sure you don’t mind!

Today, we shall check in with Ezra, the builder of the…reading spaces. You thought I was going to say temple, didn’t you? I mean Ezra from Gracepoint Riverside church. Last time we saw him, he had the pillows and blankies. And the getaway car. But today he’s got a new book, and a new look.

ezra reading sitting

Still using the pillows and blankets, but trying out the sitting up thing!

I wonder what kind of space he’ll create next!

Reading Spaces (or The Giving Tree pt. 2)

Kids like to create reading spaces. Remember reading forts, corners, alcoves that you would make with blankets, pillows, chairs, and anything you could find? Flashlights made them even more awesome. And when a make-shift fort isn’t enough, you can make an actual library, as you all saw in the making of Bibliopolis: Minneapolis Branch.

Today’s reading snapshot proves that even the youngest of us can and want to create reading spaces in which we can relax and enjoy our favorite stories. You might remember Ezra from Gracepoint Riverside from the video of Uncle Pastor Ed Kang reading and commenting on The Giving Tree. Apparently he loves this truly sad book, and he likes to enjoy this book during his independent reading times at home.


This is how mom and dad found him. He set this up all by himself! He knows how to get comfy. And he also knows you always need extra books, and a getaway car in your reading space. Just in case.

That smile! It’s not a humorous book in the least, but that’s beside the point. He’s engaged in the story, and he’s creating his own positive reading experiences!

What were/are your or your children’s favorite reading spaces? Share a story below! (Or submit your story by emailing Gracepoint Church Library and maybe it’ll be featured in a future post.)