Free Books, you say?

One of my favorite things is the Little Free Library! They encourage people to “build a literacy-friendly neighborhood.” You might have seen them around town — I’ve spied quite a number in Alameda, Berkeley, and Oakland. I can’t have one in front of my house because of the whole HOA thing, but I love finding them, and almost always stop and take a picture of one when I see one. And I like to drop books off into them too!

Today’s reading snapshots are from our favorite triplets over at Gracepoint Berkeley church, who just happen to love reading.

little free library

“Hey, I want to read too!”

threes company reading

Reading is triple the fun when you’re outside, and you stop by a Little Free Library! (see what I did there?)


Do you have a Little Free Library? Or have you seen one in your neighborhood? If you’re allowed to have one in front of your house, I promise to provide the books and maintain it for you!