Recycling in the Rain

Apologies for the lack of posts this past week! On the heels of multiple Thanksgiving Celebrations throughout our church, the headquarters of the Bibliopolis Recycling Fundraiser reached a crisis point, and it was imperative that we go the recycling center before the Thanksgiving holiday.

Since the center is closed on Monday, that left today to take care of business, but as those of you at Gracepoint Berkeley church are aware, this morning we had much needed rain.

But my crew was dauntless and determined. There was a light drizzle as we loaded all of the bags into the NV (Thanks, Uncle Joe!)

filled up the back of the NV

We filled up the entire back two rows, and the trunk space too!

We thought maybe the line at the recycling center would be short since it was raining, but it seemed some other people had the same idea. 🙂

that's a lot of bottles and cans

We confess that we tried to make the pile look as big as possible. Does it look impressive?

Once we started the actual work, that’s when the rain started coming down pretty hard. And we needed all hands on deck, so unfortunately, I have no pictures (or potential B-roll) for this portion. But I think we made quite an impression on the neighborhood recycling regulars. We got to tell them that that it was for a fundraiser at our church. And the young man working at the center very kindly lent us an umbrella.

Thanks to so many of your uncrushed cans, we were able to make quite a lot of money using the machine, but that did mean putting each one in individually. We went the weighing route with the rest of the cans, plastic bottles, and glass (thank you, Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider!).

Interestingly enough, the rain stopped just as we were finished recycling. We played informal “Price is Right” to guess how much money we made, and we were all very surprised when we saw our receipts.

It was an hour well spent during a week vacation from school — we raised another $90.61 for Bibliopolis!

Bibliopolis T-Shirt Design Contest!

To celebrate the four-month anniversary (because four-month anniversaries are a thing, didn’t you know?) of beginning my work here as the Gracepoint Berkeley church librarian this past June, we will be having a Bibliopolis T-Shirt Design Contest. It’s actually another of the kiddos’ fundraiser ideas. 🙂


The kids and some adults have been hankering for a shirt ever since day 1, so we can check another item on the #goals list.

The contest is open to young and old alike across all of our Gracepoint ministries. Wouldn’t it be awesome for a parent-child team to submit a design idea?

You can include some tagline* or appropriately attributed bookish quote to go along with it. If you could refrain from using “City of Books” as the tagline, that would be great. Not that I think Powell’s City of Books (one of my favorite book stores ever) would mind or even notice, but still. 🙂

Please submit your JPG and PSD file to no later than October 31, 2015. That gives you two weeks to work on a design. We will unveil the entries for public vote on Sunday, November 1st, which is also the first day of Narnia November *AND* NaNoWriMo. Busy day, busy day. The names of submitters will be removed so as to prevent bias.

Prize: the esteemed title of this year’s T-Shirt Laureate**, and a free shirt with your design on it. Wowza! If you’re not a designer, but a wordsmith, you can submit your tagline as a comment below, and maybe a designer who’s not a wordsmith will pick yours up and run with it! In the case of a tag team victory, you will BOTH win a free t-shirt. Let the collabs begin.

Ideas for a snappy tagline for Bibliopolis? Excited to enter the contest? Or just excited to buy one of our future shirts and wear your love for reading? Chime in below!

EDIT: Be sure to check the update on how you can submit a design without Photoshop.

*such as: “Gracepoint reads,” which isn’t that snappy. Or “One book to rule them all”…uh, I welcome your suggestions!

**laureate: a person who is honored with an award for outstanding creative or intellectual achievement.


PSA from the Bibliopolis Recycling Committee

Each peer group is slowly taking ownership of different aspects of Bibliopolis. The 3rd grade girls have taken on the Bibliopolis succulent garden. The middle school guys are slowly but surely going to head up the vegetable farming. And today I introduce the 6th grade girls dynamic duo that is our new Bibliopolis Recycling Committee. You’ll start seeing signs (I promise, I didn’t make them) around Gracepoint Berkeley church that request your rinsed out and uncrushed cans and bottles.

Polite and detailed signs. “God bless you!” “Have a very nice day”

What are we fundraising for, you ask? 100% of the proceeds will go towards books and future bookish outings or events. If you’d like to support the fundraising efforts even further, you could collect cans and bottles at home, and bring your recycling to Bibliopolis!

The committee requested very specifically that I post this up on the blog, so that everyone could join in the effort to support Bibliopolis, and also be green. ♻