Resource Recommendation: Perspective Cards

Amazingly enough, the summer is fast coming to an end. And as such, we over at Gracepoint Berkeley, as well as throughout our Gracepoint Ministries are gearing up for the new academic year.
One of the highlights from this summer was the relaunch of Gracepoint Training School (sign up for our Fall sessions!), where one of our course offerings is an Evangelism course. Will, the instructor, introduced a great evangelism tool from Cru, called Perspective Cards. I am pleased to announce we have them available at our HB Bookstore.

photo from Cru

Here is the description of the cards from their website:
Many people’s worldviews are becoming increasingly eclectic, while the Christian worldview is becoming increasingly irrelevant and confusing. This can be huge barrier to understanding spiritual reality and knowing God. How can we help those we care for?
Imagine a deck of cards, or a smartphone app, which can guide you through an enjoyable and deeply revealing spiritual conversation. Perspective Cards allows people to share what they believe, explore the Christian worldview, and take the next step on their spiritual journey in an environment where they feel safe. This is the beauty of Perspective.
Have you used these cards before? Were you in the Evangelism class? Share with us your experiences using these cards!