Never Too Early!

I have been receiving more and more pictures and videos of people “caught” reading, so I’m queueing them up. Some of you might think posting photos is taking the easy way out in terms of content, but these are really to inspire and motivate! 

Today’s injection of “awwww” is from our youngest reader featured yet. Board books are a great way to introduce even our youngest kiddos to books, so that they can get their “print awareness” down. 🙂 Soon, if not already, little Juliet will want to hold the books herself, and turn the pages. She might start pointing at things and telling the story of what is happening. All of that is part of the process, and yes, “counts” as reading!

I like her angry focused look! Go Bruins!

Reading Spaces, the Sequel

Three other aunties and I are off to our Gracepoint Minneapolis church to babysit spend quality time with all the kiddos whilst their parents are at their Thanksgiving Retreat. Maybe we’ll have an official ribbon-cutting ceremony for Bibliopolis’ Minneapolis Branch! So I’ve scheduled some “aww”-inducing Reading Snapshots posts to tide you over for the weekend. I’m sure you don’t mind!

Today, we shall check in with Ezra, the builder of the…reading spaces. You thought I was going to say temple, didn’t you? I mean Ezra from Gracepoint Riverside church. Last time we saw him, he had the pillows and blankies. And the getaway car. But today he’s got a new book, and a new look.

ezra reading sitting

Still using the pillows and blankets, but trying out the sitting up thing!

I wonder what kind of space he’ll create next!

The Return of the Blog, and a photo

Things have been ever busy here at Gracepoint Berkeley church, so it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. After an initial set of posts, you might have thought I forgot about this here blog. Anyone in the blogosphere will tell you that consistency is one of the keys to building a readership, so I’ve got a lot of building to do!

Since today is Wednesday, here’s a wordless celebration of reading for you!

2015-05-31 10.54.19-2

Some leisure reading time during babysitting. These two (daughters of educators!) are proof you’re never too young to discover the joy of reading.

Next week, I’ll be visiting Gracepoint Irvine church to help with their Fall Welcome Week*, so I will try my best to schedule some posts ahead of time so I don’t go MIA again!


*This does mean Bibliopolis will be closed during 9/21-9/25.