Reading Snapshots: North Carolina Edition

Happy Friday to everyone not just at Gracepoint Berkeley church but across all our Gracepoint Ministries!ย Can you believe it’s almost May?! Today I bring you a short but sweet Reading Snapshots post from Gracepoint North Carolina.


Granted they are looking at photo albums, but you see the early literacy practices they are engaging in? Given they’re from America, they are correctly going from left to right in the books as they “read” each photo. And while I wasn’t there, I heard they were engaging in the social aspect of reading as well, showing and telling each other about the interesting and sometimes shocking things they saw, such as one’s parents’ wedding photo! ๐Ÿ™‚

What a delightful sight to behold in an age where the kids their age I usually see are swiping screens. Remember, I always welcome your reading snapshots, since they’re crowd favorites!

Needing to Chew on What We Read

People are starting to get competitive about the Free 5th Book Ceremony, especially as I called out (in a friendly way!) certain groups of people…but we have to remember that the most important thing is not finishing books as fast as possible, but allowing yourself the time to be inspired, ministered to, and challenged by what you read!

To that end, we have Baby Corrie from Gracepoint Berkeley church, who captures a couple of valuable lessons for us all.


*By the way, a2f Berkeley is now on the board ๐Ÿ™‚


Luke at Him read!

Luke from Gracepoint Santa Barbara church, regaled his mom, Dora,ย with a loud and clear reading of this alphabet book. So of course she caught the experience on video so that you all can say, “awww” and then be inspired to pick up a book yourself, too! You see, we’re all about fostering love of reading for *everyone* here, whether you’re 2, or 22. Or 42. ๐Ÿ™‚

Luke At Him Reading! from hemilykim on Vimeo.