Bookish Treats!

We’re in full-on Thanksgiving Retreat preparation mode over here at Gracepoint Berkeley church, so I’m going to be “taking it easy” and featuring photos and videos this week. As an evangelist of great stories, as well as THE Story, I’m very excited about this year’s retreat theme of God’s Story, but I’ll stop there, and leave the rest for this weekend!

It warmed my heart to receive this bookish treat from Emily, the 1st grader (not a present from myself), who went to Boston with her family. I was pleasantly surprised to find this waiting for me on my desk. Bookmarks are wonderful souvenirs because you can always use one (unless you don’t read!), and they don’t take up much space in your suitcase. So unlike some other souvenirs, they are definite win-wins for both the giver and the receiver! 🙂

I especially love the curly details in the fancy post-it note. They show a lot of care and effort!

Do you use bookmarks? Proper ones, or do you make them out of scraps or post-its? Or do you turn down (aka. “dog ear*”) your pages?


*Confession: I often dog-ear my pages. Gasp!