Blog Rec: Breakpoint’s Youth Reads

Many parents throughout our Gracepoint churches ask me about social issues in books, what age is appropriate for a specific title, and so forth. Part of my job is to stay up on these things and communicate with you regarding new books* and trends in youth literature and culture. But for some of you who are interested and have the time to read up on your own, I will recommend websites and blogs from time to time.

Today I want to let you all know about Youth Reads, a column housed on the Breakpoint website.


There you’ll find reviews, recommendations, and polls, and more.

You may have read or heard the recent Breakpoint Commentary by Eric Metaxas. In it he references a book that was reviewed on Youth Reads. Reviews do consider things like sexual ethics, mental health issues, religion and worldview issues, and diversity in YA literature from a Christian perspective.

*Yep, I am aware that the new Rick Riordan book comes out tomorrow. I will do my best to read it super fast so I can provide a review of what will hopefully be an original series that doesn’t merely graft his character archetypes into the next mythology (this time Norse).