Bilingual Family Literacy Practices

Kids are super perceptive. My friend Cynthia, who leads the Gracepoint church in Hsinchu, Taiwan, along with her husband Eugene, told me about her family’s reading times. In their bilingual family, the kids have intuitively developed their literacy practices. She said that when the kiddos want a Chinese book, they go to dad, and when they want an English book, they go to her.

Warning: don’t continue this post if you’re in a place where a squee or an outburst of “awww” would be malapropos!

isaac cynthia reading

Look at that smile! Cynthia reading Why I Love My Mommy with Isaac. Wise book choice, my friend. 

eugene zoe reading

Eugene and Zoe reading a book in Chinese together. Vintage t-shirt!


And because the pictures aren’t delightful enough, here is a video!

Peng Family Reading from hemilykim on Vimeo.

Did you grow up in a bilingual (or more) family? What kind of literacy practices did you have? Thoughts on Zoe’s Chinese? Or Isaac’s singing-reading? 🙂