Books & Babysitting: Part 3

As we learned from Ezra the other day, finding a comfortable reading space is important when trying to get into a good book. And as we’ve also seen, books make babysitting better! Here’s one of our favorite Gracepoint Berkeley triplets happily reading her book. It really is a fine line between a truck and a chair, you know? I can relate a bit with her; the car has always been one of my favorite reading spaces!

Perhaps we need hands-free driving laws for playtime!

How about you? Where do you do your best reading? What are your favorite reading spaces?

Books & Babysitting (Part 2)

Who said that multi-tasking is a myth? ūüôā (Photobomb cred to Mike, who is probably talking with the other Element staff about the high school Friday night about to start.)¬†

Last week¬†I said that books¬†make babysitting better, and¬†that was in the context of reading to children. I’m pretty sure Christine isn’t reading aloud to this little baby, but it still holds true. Happy baby gets pushed around in the stroller, and happy babysitter gets to read! It’s a win, win.

Books Make Babysitting Better!

If you remember, I invited people to send me pictures of favorite reading moments you encounter throughout your days. The first person to take me up on this is Frances, a fellow booknerd and teacher from Gracepoint Berkeley church, who was heading up a team of Koinonia staff for a time of childcare with pre-schoolers.

small group read aloud

Read aloud #1 (in small groups)

read aloud large group

Here’s her text verbatim: “This was our second read aloud of the day! Babysitting was so nice* this morning because it was centered around reading! Whole group, small group, independently…”



*You don’t hear that kind of babysitting testimonial every day. Reading: you should try it next time!