We Would See Jesus

513045919gl-_sx303_bo1204203200_ We Would See Jesus– Do you struggle with guilt or feel like God can’t accept you as you are? It’s easy to forget that nothing we do will make us more acceptable to God. Jesus came to set us free to serve Him in the freshness and spontaneity of the Spirit, and to receive the ABUNDANT blessing God has for us. Let your life be transformed as you learn to see Jesus, who is both the blessing and the way to that blessing – the means and the end.

6 thoughts on “We Would See Jesus

  1. Like the title mentions, the book takes you on a journey on how we can fully experience the blessings that God can give you by seeking out for Jesus in the proper way.
    The author does an amazing job of portraying the progression of how to get there by first seeing God for who He actually is that eventually leads to to cross, true repentance, and seeing Jesus as the vine.
    Personally, this book reminded me more clearly that God cares about the relationship of repenting back to Him rather than all the acts that I can do to make up for my sinfulness. This book was a joy to read and I would totally recommend it 😀

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  2. This book broke it down simply the importance of seeing Jesus and why the other paths we choose to take won’t lead us to the peace and growth that can only come from Jesus. Though I want to do works to make up for my sinfulness, that does not bring me closer to God. I personally was able to grow a lot from this book as I was reminded what kind of attitude we need to have as we come to repent before Jesus and how this is a daily walk.


  3. “We Would See Jesus” has helped me grow my relationship with God because it has personally exposed many of the ways I have been working to avoid seeing Jesus. Rather than distracting myself from connecting with God, I want to grow in abiding in Christ, repenting quickly, and seeing Jesus as the only vine in my life.

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  4. The book’s message on seeing Jesus as the door, the way, and the end (the destination) was impactful for me. Often I can fall into the mindset of thinking more fruit, more wisdom, more people saved is the end goal of my Christian journey, all the while forgetting about my precious Lord and Savior Himself. It becomes an endeavor of a branch apart from the vine. All those things will come as I abide in Him by quickly repenting of my sins as revealed to me and reattaching myself to the true vine.

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  5. This book spoke directly to many errors and wrong tendencies I’ve had with my approach to relating with God. In the first chapter, the authors point out two wrong emphases: making service to God the primary goal, and seeking spiritual inner experiences (of things like peace, joy, or power). Instead, the purpose purpose of life should be “to see God and to allow Him to bring us back to the old relationship of submission to Himself.”

    And then in another chapter, he described my situation again: “We are convicted that we lack love for somebody, or that we lack faith in a certain matter, or that we have been prayerless.” And then my frustrating, failing response: “resolving” to try harder, “striving” to do better. But all Jesus wants from me is to “repent deeply of the sin there is” and “rest as sinners at the cross.”

    This book has been extremely helpful and reinvigorating for my faith.

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  6. This book has been really personally meaningful to me and I want to reread soon. I was struck by the picture of Jesus as the door and how we often try to escape personal guilt and get back into a relationship with God by striving and striving, trying to raise ourselves up, when Jesus has provided us with a door on street level to walk through. I was convicted that I was praying for revival instead of accepting Jesus himself as the revival, and asking Jesus for things, different ends, instead of seeing him as the end. I was challenged to live and see the purpose of my life not just as to get better at some Christian disciplines or even to do great works and be effective in building Jesus’s kingdom, but simply to see Jesus in these different ways and get to know him.


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