The Good Life

51qy2k1z3ol-_sx331_bo1204203200_The Good Life searches for answers to the questions we all ask: Who am I? Why am I here? How can I make my life count? Reflecting on his own story and the stories of others, Chuck Colson examines the beliefs and assumptions that make up the fabric of our lives. In this edition, there is additional material that relates to a worldview campaign that is presented by both Rick Warren and Chuck Colson called Wide Angle: Framing Your Worldview. Foreword provided by Rick Warren.

2 thoughts on “The Good Life

  1. My first time reading this book.. it was fascinating how Colson could weave real-life stories and people that non-Christians would be more familiar with, and draw out themes which pointed, ultimately, to the Christian worldview as the best answer to the question of what consists a “good life”. Through his book, I got to personally affirm once again that the components which make up Christian life – knowledge of truth and relational connection (where God is the true and final source) – are what are really satisfying, fulfilling, and deeply meaningful in the end, even if it takes some temporal suffering to persist in them. My *only* complaint would be that the book is pretty long, so I wonder if a non-Christian would have a hard time getting through it (or even starting it, if they get intimidated by the length!) but otherwise I do think it does a great job presenting this topic of a “good life” with a relatable, not overtly Christianese-y (for lack of better way to put it) tone.


  2. I really enjoyed this read – many fascinating stories coupled with brilliant insight- that constantly had me reflecting over if I was personalizing the truths of the gospel and allowing them to affect and be played out through my life. The variety of stories and accounts of many different people (including Colson, himself) show how ultimately the only good life can be found in a relationship with God and by embracing the truths of biblical Christianity, and thus challenged me to fully live out the good life that God has revealed to me.


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