Rachel Saint (Christian Heroes: Then & Now)

51d7s9w1gfl-_sx327_bo1204203200_Rachel Saint: A Star in the Jungle – Aboard the Aquitania, Rachel became aware of something strange happening to her. It was as if she were not on the deck of the ship anymore but was instead in a jungle clearing, looking at a group of brown-skinned, half-naked people. The people beckoned for her to come. Suddenly the scene vanished, and Rachel fell to her knees and prayed.

When young Rachel Saint surrendered her life to God, she began an unimaginable journey that would span decades and radically transform a dying culture steeped in revenge. Against all odds, God would lead her to Ecuador’s Waorani Indians — known as Aucas, or savages, and infamous for murder.

Despite the martyrdom of five missionaries by Waorani spears, Rachel boldly persisted in following God. In one of the greatest testimonies to God’s grace and power in our time, this pioneering Bible translator would live for two decades with her own brother’s killers, for the joy of seeing them become brothers and sisters in Christ.

1 thought on “Rachel Saint (Christian Heroes: Then & Now)

  1. Picked up this book from Bibliopolis this week–I remember reading Shadow of the Almighty in sophomore year, and began to see Jim and Elisabeth Elliot as my personal heroes of faith. This book tells the story of Rachel Saint, whose brother Nate was one of the five missionaries killed by the Auca tribe. Rachel had a vision early on (described in this post) and believed that God was calling her to Ecuador. Throughout different obstacles, she persisted in trying to share the gospel with them. One thing that really struck me was her heart of compassion–she met the very men who killed her brother, and rather than anger, she felt compassion towards them, seeing the cycle of murder they were living in. This book is a beautiful story of the power of the gospel breaking the cycle of murder and hate.


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