Ida Scudder (Christian Heroes: Then & Now)

51ozwjq4djl-_sx325_bo1204203200_Ida Scudder was sure she would never follow in the footsteps of her medical missionary father. But when she witnessed Indian women dying because their religious beliefs didn’t allow male doctors to treat them, Ida heard herself pray, “God, if You want me to, I will spend the rest of my life in India trying to help these women.”

Serving for nearly sixty years, Dr. Ida Scudder lived out the truth and compassion found in Christ. She pioneered a first-rate medical school and hospital, brought life-saving health care to rural people, and left an inspiring legacy that still touches missions of people each year with healing and hope.

3 thoughts on “Ida Scudder (Christian Heroes: Then & Now)

  1. Just finished reading this book–one thing I found interesting was that compared to many other missionaries, Ida Scudder didn’t grow up wanting to be a missionary. She came from a family of medical missionaries and vowed to never be one, but through a string of circumstances, ended up serving in India for 50 years. One thing I found particularly impactful was how she kept thinking of more and more to do. Even as each of her dreams was fulfilled, she thought of how to meet the needs of the people around her, and her dedication and perseverance is truly inspiring!

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  2. I thought it was interesting that Ida was an MK, unlike most of her missionary contemporaries that grew up in America or somewhere in Europe, and that most of her immediate and extended families were missionaries! The faithful seed of her grandfather’s sacrifice really did yield many times over, especially in Ida as she opened up her now much renowned medical school for girls.

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