Amy Carmichael (Christian Heroes: Then & Now)

51pmfg7t97l-_sx311_bo1204203200_Amy’s life was marked by a simple, determined obedience to God, regardless of circumstances. Her story and legacy are stunning reminders of the impact of one person who will fear God and nothing else.

Driven by love and compassion, and sustained by faith and determination, Amy Carmichael defied the cruel barriers of India’s caste system. The story of this young woman from Northern Ireland is a brilliant, sparkling example of God’s love generously poured out to “the least of these among us.”

3 thoughts on “Amy Carmichael (Christian Heroes: Then & Now)

  1. I was really challenged by the many times that Amy didn’t compromise from what she saw as God’s vision. She upheld what she believed was God’s standards even when it was inconvenient or it would have been easier to compromise. Like when she was praying for workers to help her, she turned down many people and waited for those who genuinely wanted to serve God.


  2. This book is a really exciting and easy to read account of Amy Carmichael’s life and mission work. From an early age, she was convicted to love and serve others just as Jesus would without caring what others thought of her. I was so challenged by her love for the people she reached out to and how God transformed her into “Amma” to hundreds of children in India. I was curious to see if the Donhavur Fellowship is around today. It’s still alive and it’s amazing to see the legacy that she left behind.

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  3. My previous impression of Amy Carmichael was that she was kinda old fashioned and proper, maybe it’s language in her poems I heard before, but this book paints a picture of a very spunky, strong yet gentle woman who knew what her life was about and lived by faith in God and loved the people she shared the gospel with. I’m also very encouraged that she pushed through despite many health problems and it reminds me that God uses those who are weak but are willing. I was very touched to read about her last days in the Donhavur, the garden of peace where she was buried among many people she loved. She lived a truly beautiful life and reading about her life strengthened my trust that God can make my life beautiful as well if I am willing to let Him.


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