Recommendations from Pastor Ed Kang

Sunday at Gracepoint Berkeley church‘s college worship service, Pastor Ed Kang gave some suggestions for ways to make the most of the precious gift of winter break that college students have. When I was in college, I definitely did not appreciate and consider the reality that the time in college is the ONLY time I would ever have this gift of a month-long vacation!

Among some of the suggestions, Pastor Ed recommended some books. First, he suggested winter break would be a great time to read through the entire Bible. Then he recommended Mere Christianity, The Problem of Pain, and Miracles, all by C.S. Lewis. And if that was too intimidating, to start with The Screwtape Letters.


It brought back memories to my freshman year of college a “few” years ago, when Pastor Ed issued the same challenge to start building up my faith by reading C.S. Lewis books.

Which C.S. Lewis books are your favorite? Which ones are you going to tackle this winter break? 

Reading Snapshots:Spiritual Toddlers

We haven’t had a Reading Snapshot in a while. This one comes from the youngest Sammy at Gracepoint Berkeley church, who happens to be reading one of my favorite Christian books.


Sammy intently reflecting on the purpose of life: to see God in the face of Jesus Christ.

We Would See Jesus is a Christian classic, and in my opinion, a MUST READ. (It is written by the same authors of The Calvary Roadanother must read.) It is a simple yet profound book that has ministered to me at different points throughout the years. So many times we lose sight of Jesus even in the midst of our service of Him. This book simplifies and clarifies what we muddle when we stray from focusing on seeing Jesus alone.

It is currently available at our book fair, and a great choice to read over winter break if you’ve never read it. Or even if you’ve read it before! I read it every few years, and like all good books, I’ve found that it speaks to me in new ways. And if notice in the picture above, the book is rather short, if that motivates you. But don’t be fooled by how short it is; it packs a spiritual punch!

Have you read We Would See Jesus?  Which part is your favorite? I love the chapter about Jesus as the Way.

Two Books for Intercessory Prayer

For the month of December, I will try to post as many book recommendations as possible, since many people are looking for good books to buy for people, as well as to read during the colder, perfect-reading-weather days.

Today’s recommendation comes from Susanna, from Gracepoint Berkeley church. She has two recommendations for books to help with intercessory prayer. As a pioneer of many prayer workshops, I for one am going to take her recommendation seriously!

I would like to recommend the following book to help you pray scriptural prayers as you intercede for those who are far from God:

This prayer book is written by a pastor who had two prodigal children, one of whom struggled with substance abuse for 7 years but is now a minister of the Gospel.  Although it is written to pray for prodigal children, I found this book to be helpful to pray for anyone who is a prodigal, may it be a parent, sibling, relative, friend, or someone you are reaching out to.  You just need to insert your loved one’s name in the prayer.  I have been using this book to intercede for some people, and it has given me so much hope, strength, and confidence in God’s promises, especially when you feel weak and heartbroken.

The following prayer book is for parents, children’s ministers, and youth ministers:

Again, the prayers are scripture-based, and based on Biblical themes.  It’s a wonderful springboard to pray and claim promises of God daily for your children (of any age).  Although this is written for parents, it is a helpful resource to pray for children or youth that you are ministering to over the themes of purity, protection, faithfulness, fruitfulness, etc.

I will end with an inspiring quote from James Banks:

“We have a God-given responsibility to pray for them as long as we live.  And we have the comfort of knowing that because of God’s kindness our prayers can even outlive us, finding their answers years after our own lives on this earth are done.”  

Both of these books are readily available for purchase at online booksellers, and in the HB bookstore!