Introducing: Gracepoint Book Club

We’re marking the end of this blog’s 29-month hiatus by kicking off the Gracepoint Book Club! ๐Ÿ™Œ I tried to think of some snazzy name, but decided to stick with this for now. Whether you’re an avid reader or a reluctant one, or somewhere in between, chances are you’d like to read more.

One of the obstacles people have cited for not reading more is not knowing where to start. So each month I’ll be unveiling the “book of the month” in four different genres or categories. You can choose to read one or all!

As I read along with everyone, I’ll be posting some thoughts and questions here on the blog, and over on Convo. The dream, the vision, is that there’ll be some IRL conversations as well as convo-sations throughout our church about some good books and some big ideas. This will help us to remember more of what we read, and we’ll likely grow in our enjoyment of reading as well, which will start a virtuous cycle of even more reading and more thinking!

Our November book-of-the-month selections are…[insert drum roll]

All you have to do is start reading! I also recommend following this blog so you get updates on posts.

Which book are you thinking of starting with?

36 thoughts on “Introducing: Gracepoint Book Club

  1. Fahrenheit 451 looks intriguing! I’ve been looking for a good fiction book so I think I’ll start with that. Thank you for the recommendations!


  2. Thanks Emily! This might be what I need to get more reading in. I really liked Farenheit 451 (I read it in AP English in high school.) so I think I’ll start with Anthony Ray Hinton’s book.


  3. I’m planning to start with Fan the Flame – I remember reading some of Jim Cymbala’s books when I was an undergrad – it was inspiring to hear about what God had done through Brooklyn Tabernacle, and I’m looking forward to hearing more from him.


  4. I love reading! Just read Fan the Flame on Kelly’s recommendation a few weeks ago. It reminded me of the Bible studies we used to have in P. Ed & Kelly’s living room back when I joined staff. Highly recommend!

    But I’m going to start with The Sun Does Shine. I was really impacted by Just Mercy during covid and am looking forward to reading this book!

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  5. Thanks Emily! I’ll start with “The Sun Does Shine”
    When we lived together at Ironwood, I would read books off of your shelves. One week, I read Fahrenheit 451, Animal Farm and Lord of the Flies – it was a dark week…

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  6. Yay! I love getting book recommendations because I’m never sure what to read. It’ll be really neat to not just read but also talk about these different books with people. I’m excited to see how we’re all going to grow through Biblio Book Club.


  7. Yeah book club!! The Sun Does Shine is my favorite non-fiction book of all time! I laughed and cried every chapter. It is my go-to gift when I can’t think of a gift for some special occasion.

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  8. was really challenged by Fan into Flame. and also heard a stirring podcast from him on Craft and Character, a preaching podcast i listen to. he was bringing it and preaching it!


  9. Wow, thanks Emily for starting this book club! Funny enough, I recently recommended Fahrenheit 451 to another sister who was looking for a good fiction book. Since I reread it very recently, I think I’ll start with the Jim Cymbala book ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  10. yeees super excited about this book club. i was aimlessly looking for book recommendations but now i have some! yay ๐Ÿ™‚ im gonna start fan the flame! thanks emily!!


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  12. Thank you Emily for starting the book club and the recommendations!!
    I’m about half way thru The Sun Does Shine, it’s so good!! Cant wait to finish the book!


  13. Just finished reading The Sun Does Shine. Such a good book and it opened my eyes to how broken our justice system is. Thanks for the recommendation!


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