C.S. Lewis Doodles

510qmsr5vyl-_sx330_bo1204203200_If you’ve been at Gracepoint for a little while, or for…many whiles, you know that at the top of Pastor Ed’s recommended reading list are books by C.S. Lewis. For example, Pastor Ed mentioned Miracles this past Sunday, and so I know several people have picked that up this week.

Maybe you’ve tried to tackle C.S. Lewis, but have been daunted by the jump from fiction like The Chronicles of Narnia, and allegory like The Screwtape Letters and The Great Divorce to some of the heavier hitters.

For all you (us) visual learners, I want to share a resource I found out about from my friend Sarah S. from Gracepoint Berkeley. There are 50 C.S. Lewis doodles on YouTube made by an account called…C.S. Lewis Doodles. These are super helpful in understanding the flow of his arguments, and giving visuals to hold on to in your mind. I’m looking forward to using these to help me in my personal study of his works. Thank you, Sarah!

Here are the two videos on “The Grand Miracle” from Miracles, just in time for Good Friday and Easter.

Do you have any cool reading resources to share?

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