2019: Reading Resolutions & Turning Over a New Blog

henrietta's 21st

I’m only 23 days late with a Happy New Year to you all in Gracepoint churches in Berkeley and beyond! I cringe to notice that my last post was from June 1 of 2018, though I don’t cringe at the fact that I recommended reading I Can Only Imagine. I stand by my recommendation and will be recommending many more in the weeks to come. As usual, I am backlogged with books I have been telling people they just *have to* read.

For now though, I wanted to write a short post to assure everyone this blog is alive and kicking. I am going to build in some time to write here each day so that I can roll out a post every few days or so.  While Victor Hugo’s daily writing routine was admirable, I’m going to start with a modest 15 minutes a day.  Some of you know that last year, I experienced building a new habit of scripture memory (shout out to ScriptureTyper), and I started with just a few minutes a day, and now I’m up to quite a few verses. So hopefully, I can build up some momentum here, as there are so many great books out there that I want to share with you all!

One more thing — it’s not too late to make a 2019 Reading Goal or Reading Resolution. My goal is to read 168 books:

  • 42 non-fiction
  • 42 children’s/young adult fiction
  • 42 new picture books
  • 42 poetry/fiction (especially the books I’ve been meaning to read since forever…Brothers Karamazov, I’m coming for you! It wins for being on my TBR list the longest — since 1994, before many of you were born!)

What are your 2019 reading goals? Share them in the comments below, and let’s encourage one another to read more books this year!

3 thoughts on “2019: Reading Resolutions & Turning Over a New Blog

  1. Ever since I got an account on Good Reads I’ve been way more motivated to read and track my reading goals. Last year my goal was 50 and I got to read 74 books. This year my goal is 80 books. I’ve gone through 9 books so far this year, though 4 of them are picture books. Brothers K is also my to read list, though most likely that will happen in 2020. I’ve been reading a lot of books on Education and seeing how to apply for Impact Ministry. I think this will be the rough break down: 20 Non-Fiction (Social Science / Business / Education / Biographies)
    20 Fiction (YA / Classic Lit, Etc)
    20 Books You Should Read if you are a Christian(Lewis, Tolkien, Roseveare, Greear, etc.)
    20 Picture Books / Children’s Books
    “Grown Up” Books Read so Far:
    1. Screwtape Letters – CS Lewis
    2. Wildflowers: A School Superintendents Challenge to America – Jonathan Raymond
    3. Helping Children Succeed: What Works and Why – Paul Tough (Short Read)
    4. How to Pray – Reflection & Essays – CS Lewis (2018 – Publication)
    5. What the Dog Saw – Malcolm Gladwell

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