Recommendations from Pastor Ed Kang

Sunday at Gracepoint Berkeley church‘s college worship service, Pastor Ed Kang gave some suggestions for ways to make the most of the precious gift of winter break that college students have. When I was in college, I definitely did not appreciate and consider the reality that the time in college is the ONLY time I would ever have this gift of a month-long vacation!

Among some of the suggestions, Pastor Ed recommended some books. First, he suggested winter break would be a great time to read through the entire Bible. Then he recommended Mere Christianity, The Problem of Pain, and Miracles, all by C.S. Lewis. And if that was too intimidating, to start with The Screwtape Letters.


It brought back memories to my freshman year of college a “few” years ago, when Pastor Ed issued the same challenge to start building up my faith by reading C.S. Lewis books.

Which C.S. Lewis books are your favorite? Which ones are you going to tackle this winter break? 

3 thoughts on “Recommendations from Pastor Ed Kang

  1. The Weight of Glory was really good, as it includes sermons on different topics, including forgiveness and faith. One chapter that struck me was “A Slip of the Tongue” where he explores the desire of the heart for thungs temporal over thd things eternal, through what was expressed in a slip of the tongue. This challenged me to think about the hidden desires of my heart through what I say and think about, instead of just ignoring it or excusing it as merely “a slip in the tongue.”


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