1st Bingo Winner!

Just 10 days into the Bibliopolis U Summer Reading Challenge and we have our first Bingo winner over at Gracepoint Berkeley church! Being the first, Andrew makes many constituencies proud: bragging rights to a2f Berkeley, Class of 2016 college graduates, MCAT studiers around the world, and the general Brohirrim of Gracepoint.

For those of you who are curious, Andrew completed the middle line. He read some legit books, including The HobbitThe Case for Faithand notably, the Christian Heroes series biography on…Brother Andrew (not him!). And like many of you who have told me, he has a strategy of which line he’ll be reading next.

I know some of our other churches across Gracepoint Ministries will be launching their own summer challenges soon. I’m looking forward to celebrating our readers everywhere!

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