“Journey to Gracepoint Book Tables” – Episode 1

There’s a certain fellowship amongst the book table folks across our Gracepoint Ministries, as we share ideas about how to promote reading in our respective churches. And while I don’t have my Mary Poppins umbrella or magic carpet bag yet, it’s been awesome to visit Sunday Worship Services and see the reading revolution in action!

Here’s Allen, the book table guy at Gracepoint Los Angeles church.

And here’s the expanded book table he unveiled this past Sunday! Nice almost-Bruin blue suitcases there. 🙂

Potential book table customers checking out The Battle Plan for Prayer!


Heading over to the Third Coast, here’s the book table at Gracepoint Minneapolis church. Kind of artsy and serious looking!

I can sense their excitement to reach out and pick up one of those books!

So we got a glimpse of the book table goings on at a couple of our church plants. You can always send me photos of your church’s book table. Join me next time as we continue our virtual tour on “Journey to Gracepoint Book Tables*.”

*In case you’re wondering, “Journey to Gracepoint Book Tables” is just a so-obscure-it’s-non-existent allusion to “Journey to China,” a public television language & travel show my dad used to watch when I was growing up.

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