Reading Snapshot: Is This Our Bibliopolis?

Hello everyone! It’s been pushing three months since my last post, but I have returned to share some exciting goings on with regards to the reading revolution throughout Gracepoint Berkeley church as well as our church plants.

I’m going to ease back into posting with a heartwarming little story. Vanessa from acts2fellowship in Berkeley told me that one day, while her older daughter Gabby was sitting near her bookshelves, she asked, “Mommy, is this our Bibliopolis?” That was so awesome to hear, so here is a picture of the girls showing off their own reading space at home!

You can make your own Bibliopolis! You just need some…books.

I know many of you have made little reading spaces in your homes, so feel free to share those photos and any stories with me, and we can encourage one another to keep up the reading (especially with summer fast approaching)!

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