(Not So) Extreme Library Makeover: DL Edition

After the book fairs, we began setting up Bibliopolis U at DL in Berkeley. We converted the Glass Room into what is being called…the Glass Room. 🙂 Original, I know, but names are hard to change. Anyway, today’s post shows its transformation.

We stocked the shelves and now have a DL bookstore (on the left) and the DL Lending Library (on the right).

Some Klesis students and staff created a warmer yet cooler, and energy-saving, lighting scheme.

Suzie spearheaded the nifty wooden display board project!

The (gently used) free books crate is a big hit, as you can imagine!

Shout out to Jordan from a2f Berkeley, who is perhaps enjoying the library more than anyone! It looks like he’s the only one there, but there have been many utilizing the space!

Hope you can stop by to read, browse, or converse in our new space! It’s definitely a work in progress. Maybe we should bring Bibliocafe here!


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