Never Fear, The Book Fair is Here (again!)

BU-logoAn update from Bibliopolis U at Gracepoint Berkeley church. We had our first student complete her 4 books, and she’ll be receiving her free 5th book tomorrow! Maybe I can convince her to let me feature her on the blog with a little reading testimonial. Who will be our first post-grad to complete 4 books? 🙂

Anyway, after last Sunday’s smashing success, we loaded up all of the books into one van and had a second book fair this past Friday at DL.

a lot of books

I think we’re just a *little bit* serious about reading here!

While it was a Friday, it felt decidedly less like a Black Friday sale (see video below) than last Sunday, because we had the fair going on throughout the day and people were free to drop in to browse and purchase books at their leisure. There was also classical music and people hanging out reading throughout the rainy day. Very refined indeed.

Remember that we’re having another Book Fair tomorrow after Sunday Worship Service. It’ll be in the gym.

Check out this unscripted commercial for the Book Fair and find out why Jeff wanted to cry. It’s not because of Josh, really! It’ll be less hectic, and even more awesome, because we’ll have about 82 different titles (almost all of the ones on the Recommended Reading List) available tomorrow. Hope to see you there!

Book Fair Commercial from hemilykim on Vimeo.

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