Reading Snapshots: Car Reading Edition

Not to be outdone by little Juliet, 10-month old Hudson’s getting into the game! He wins for the youngest reader featured thus far, and I think Gracepoint Riverside church is throwing its hat in the ring for the “most pictures featuring kiddos reading” award.


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Awards aside, books are a great way for kiddos of all ages to make use of time during car rides short or long. Nowadays many cars have screens so you can watch movies while on the road, but so long as you don’t get carsick, how about read a book instead? And if you do get carsick, or want some family time, how about listening to an audiobook together? I’ve heard from different kiddos that they loved listening to The Chronicles of Narnia or other books with their families. And it’s not just for kiddos! In fact, this past weekend, I listened to A Little Princess with Sarah, Elise, Michelle, and Kristen on the way up from LA.

Do you have any road trip reading memories? Did you listen to any audiobooks driving to and from Thanksgiving destinations? Creativity, Inc, perhaps? 🙂

1 thought on “Reading Snapshots: Car Reading Edition

  1. Yes – I used to love listening to Narnia or Harry Potter audiobooks on the way to work @ AT&T. There were times I got so into Harry Potter that I stayed in the car longer after I parked just to get to the end of a chapter before I could get myself to go into work! ;p And on a Tri-Canyon Road Trip with a2f c/o 2013, the sisters and I listened to The Help, it was so entertaining!


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