DIY Christmas Tree for Book Lovers!

All the parents of K-5th students at Gracepoint Berkeley church are experiencing the joys of early dismissal all week long…what to do with the kiddos for the entire afternoon?!

Kristen and Allison made great use of their energy and time by engaging in a simple but awesome Christmas DIY project — I introduce to you the Book Christmas Tree!! It doesn’t smell as nice as a real tree, but it’s definitely easier to maintain. No water needed, and no shedding either. Here are Allison and Kristen with a step-by-step tutorial!

beginning the tree

You basically Jenga some books in a tree shape. If you have a gazillion green books, you can go spine out, but these ladies decided to go spine in.

tree in progress

After a few false starts, the girls achieved a tree shape (as opposed to a rocket!)

tree before lights

Tree topper of choice is Shepherd Snoopy holding mini-Shakespeare standing in as a yellow star.

tree with lights

Then you add the lights!

tree picture with 1st graders

Now you can have all sorts of “family pictures” around the tree — here the creators are with the 1st grade girls. πŸ™‚

A very affordable alternative for those who want to get into the holiday spirit. You can use the books you have already! And you can showcase your book love for all your friends and family. Super cool, eh?


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