Reading Spaces, the Sequel

Three other aunties and I are off to our Gracepoint Minneapolis church to babysit spend quality time with all the kiddos whilst their parents are at their Thanksgiving Retreat. Maybe we’ll have an official ribbon-cutting ceremony for Bibliopolis’ Minneapolis Branch! So I’ve scheduled some “aww”-inducing Reading Snapshots posts to tide you over for the weekend. I’m sure you don’t mind!

Today, we shall check in with Ezra, the builder of the…reading spaces. You thought I was going to say temple, didn’t you? I mean Ezra from Gracepoint Riverside church. Last time we saw him, he had the pillows and blankies. And the getaway car. But today he’s got a new book, and a new look.

ezra reading sitting

Still using the pillows and blankets, but trying out the sitting up thing!

I wonder what kind of space he’ll create next!

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