Stealing Reading Moments: College Student Edition

This reading snapshot was captured by one of the folks before the Koinonia Berkeley Worship Service last Sunday. These two college students are part of the welcome team, and finished setting up and had nothing to do. So they chose to read! They picked up A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23 by W. Phillip Keller, which by the way, is a wonderful devotional book with insights from a real modern-day shepherd. (I believe there is a youth book review coming soon.)

They were reading away, and when asked if it was for a discipleship course, or something they were doing with their small group, they said no. One of the guys did disclose something to the effect of, “tbh i forgot my phone today.” Just think, had he not forgotten his phone, who knows if/when he would have ever found the mere 1.5 hours he needed in order to read this great book, and gain deeper appreciation for one of the most beloved psalms from the Bible!

reading college students

Doesn’t this photo just warm your heart? I feel welcomed just looking at it! Don’t worry, they stopped reading and started welcoming people once they started arriving. šŸ™‚


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