Reading Snapshots: Pre-Halloween Niece Edition

Someone asked me if I was going to do a feature on scary books, since tomorrow is Halloween. My answer is N-O, because I don’t really read “scary” books. Plus, I’d much rather gear up for the Thanksgiving-themed features for this November. Just giving you a little teaser; I hope you’re excited!

Anyway, we all know I love being Auntie Em to many many kiddos here at Gracepoint Berkeley church, but I’m the real-deal “gomo” (고모) to two munchkins! And today, for a pre-Halloween edition of Reading Snapshots, though not a part of my Bibliopolis responsibilities per se, I will brag just a little, if you will be so kind as to indulge me. 🙂  This is my niece Millie, in her Halloween costume of customized scrubs. A very Asian-American stereotype of a costume, you say? Mayhap, mayhap. But ever since she’s been able to grab things, she’s been engaging in early literacy activities! Here she is this morning, reading with her dad (my brother) before he goes to work. The Kim family, stealing those reading moments. Oh, *there’s* the legitimate connection to this blog — fostering the love of reading!

millie reading

That’s right, Millie, doctors have to read well too! (But you don’t *have* to be a doctor. Just sayin’.)

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