T-shirt Design Contest Extended

As of now, 7 designs have been submitted for Bibliopolis T-Shirts. And they’re looking good! Nope, I won’t preview any of them, lest they bias your creative energies.

Many people have told me, “I have an idea! But I need more time!” In the words of Ray (or Ray’s dad, actually) from Gracepoint Irvine, “Just ask.” You asked, and you shall receive. More time, that is.


You will have all of Narnia November to work on a design, and submissions must be received by November 30, 2015. Don’t forget!

And remember, you don’t need to know fancy Photoshop. If you already submitted a design, but want to change it, that’s ok too. We are very flexible here. Happy designing!

2 thoughts on “T-shirt Design Contest Extended

  1. I can’t wait!

    Really enjoying this blog and all the reading love. Makes me really regret not reading more as a child but glad that I can be encouraged to do so now!


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