Reading in Seattle

A couple weeks ago, Andrea and Allison visited their cousins and uncle and aunt (Pastor Andy & Amy) at Gracepoint Seattle church. They were excited to take up a bunch of books for the boys up there, so they could have their own little Bibliopolis there. The reading snapshot I have from that trip is of Andrea reading to Eric, actually. Maybe Timmy and Daniel were at school. 🙂

She’s a reading buddy wherever she goes. An awesome reading buddy always wears shin ramen (신라면) socks!

And just this past weekend, a bunch of aunties from the very auntied-class of 2010 from Gracepoint Berkeley church, Austin church, Minneapolis church, and LA church visited, and they took a special delivery from Bibliopolis. Yes, books!

books are awesome presents

Pastor Andy & Amy, those books are for the boys! Looks like Stephen’s got his eye on that book too!

book mail is the best happy mail

Book mail is the best happy mail. Books for everyone, though Eric seems to be eyeing Timmy’s big stack there. Don’t worry, Eric, I’m sure he’ll share with you once you’re a bit older! (Psst…guys, the books are upside down.) 🙂

What was the best book you ever received as a present?*

*My friend Mary, I know what your answer is. Or what it should be! 🙂 

3 thoughts on “Reading in Seattle

  1. Oh, I miss the Tung boys!
    The books are not upside down 🙂 From our view, yes, but if they were to have it on their lap, it would be facing the right way. I think they have their print awareness down! 🙂


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