PSA from the Bibliopolis Recycling Committee

Each peer group is slowly taking ownership of different aspects of Bibliopolis. The 3rd grade girls have taken on the Bibliopolis succulent garden. The middle school guys are slowly but surely going to head up the vegetable farming. And today I introduce the 6th grade girls dynamic duo that is our new Bibliopolis Recycling Committee. You’ll start seeing signs (I promise, I didn’t make them) around Gracepoint Berkeley church that request your rinsed out and uncrushed cans and bottles.

Polite and detailed signs. “God bless you!” “Have a very nice day”

What are we fundraising for, you ask? 100% of the proceeds will go towards books and future bookish outings or events. If you’d like to support the fundraising efforts even further, you could collect cans and bottles at home, and bring your recycling to Bibliopolis!

The committee requested very specifically that I post this up on the blog, so that everyone could join in the effort to support Bibliopolis, and also be green. ♻

2 thoughts on “PSA from the Bibliopolis Recycling Committee

  1. I received an un-anonymous comment:

    “I don’t agree with the “please rinse” note on the signs. We are in a severe drought and a few years ago, I read in a recycling newsletter that residents who recycle do not need to rinse out their cans and bottles because it happens at the plant anyhow and they want us to conserve water.”

    While I appreciate the reminder regarding our drought, we do appreciate a quick rinse of sugary drink containers so as to prevent our crawling friends, the ants!

    The committee realizes that crushed cans and bottles are OK as well. Either way, we appreciate your recyclables.

    Thanks to everyone!


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