The Bibliopolis Book Drop

Today’s post is inspired by a suggestion from a Bibliopolis Dad at Gracepoint Berkeley church:

Dear Gracepoint Church Library:

It would be great if there were a way for the kids to drop off their books when the library is closed.

It had been a while since this dad had been to Bibliopolis, so he didn’t know about our awesome DIY book drop. I realized many of you don’t know about it either — hence, the post. These awesome kinds of book drops, as well as the ones that go through a wall, can run up to $4,000. But who needs one of those when you’ve got MacGyver a pastor with awesome tools, a laundry hamper, and some bungee cords? Behold…

pastor ed kang gracepoint berkeley book drop

Pastor Ed Kang, cutting a slot in the door, whilst wearing sreppas (slippers said in a Korean accent) no less. I’d say “like a boss” if I said things like that.

bibliopolis book drop sign

It’s important to teach vocabulary in context, so I carpe every opportunity to teach some SAT words. (“Gargantuan” and “tome” are good words.)

(Cute) laundry hamper from Target® and two bungee cords. It’s working so far.

This is where patrons return books when the library is open. Again, IKEA is not an official sponsor of Bibliopolis. But the DRÖNA box is no longer available in that (cute) color. Just sayin’. (Shout out to Gracepoint Irvine church and Peter the Anteater on the left. Zot!)

I don’t know who loves the book drop more: the kids or me! Now they can return their books whenever they’re at HB, and they don’t feel stressed about having to carry their books with them all the time just in case they happen to cross paths with me. I have the piece that was cut out of the door, and we like to tell the story of how the book drop came to be (the boys especially find it awesome). It’s already part of Bibliopolis lore. From all of us at Bibliopolis – thanks, Uncle Pastor Ed!


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