Bibliopolis Beautification Day

Some of you who aren’t physically at Gracepoint Berkeley church have requested more photos of Bibliopolis. Yesterday, Auntie Jenny and the 3rd grade girls (aka Kangaroos) converted a dirt patch into a lovely draught-friendly stone garden. It’s awesome seeing them take ownership and constantly thinking of ways to make our space more inviting!

Pre-construction design meeting (looks forreal) led by Auntie Jenny, whose pose is decidedly Thinker-esque.

If we had a bigger space, we could make an actual labyrinth for people to reflect or pray! #gardengoals

“Collaboration is Our Destination,” as they say.

Tada! Our garden is a work-in-progress, but it’s already lovely! (Logs aren’t just for bonfires, but useful for garden borders)


Coming soon: the Bibliopolis Community Garden Project. My gardeners hope to grow green onions, perilla leaves, tomatoes, strawberries (Justin), and more. They want to sell them as fundraisers for more books!

Caring for plants, and growing fruits and vegetables have so much in common with fostering the love of reading. They both involve patience and struggle. You learn some deep lessons about what it takes to cultivate your mind to be good soil. How you need diligence to be on the lookout for weeds, pests, and other mangy animals that might destroy what you’ve been working hard at growing. You experience the joys of growth, too!


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